TAGA Harmony TPC power cable

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Design Power cable
Schuko plug / IEC connector
Schuko-IEC power cord
Conductor material Ultra-high purity stranded 99.99% Oxygen Free Copper
3 x 3 mm [10AWG]
Insulation HDPE dialectics for each conductor
Cable shielding Double PVC jacket
Extra nylon jacket only for terminated cords
Aluminum foil
Braided pure copper layer
Pure copper ground wire
Plug Robust, easy-grip Schuko-type
16A 250V
Non-magnetic brass, rhodium plated pins and ground
Connector Robust, easy-grip IEC-type, 16A 250V
Non-magnetic brass, rhodium plated contacts
Key features / accessories Availability:
TPC-BC Power cable Bulk (per meters)

TPC-SP/TPC-C Schuko plug and IEC connector- package

TPC-TS power cord terminated with Schuko plug / IEC connector:
Terminated lenghts: 1 m, 1.5 m, 2 m
Supplied with:
zippered bag with TAGA Harmony logo