Dali Phantom E-50 in-ceiling speaker (pc)

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The DALI PHANTOM E-50 in-ceiling speaker delivers an incredibly clear and well-defined audio experience with impressive bass performance for its size. The PHANTOM E-50 performs equally well as an in-wall speaker.


Designed for optimum in-ceiling use

This compact in-ceiling loudspeaker delivers an incredibly clear and well-defined audio experience and impresses with the level of bass it can produce. Its compact size makes it perfect for a stereo setup in a small room or as a rear speaker pair in a larger home cinema. The PHANTOM E-50 is designed for in-ceiling use but can also be installed in-wall. Also, the easy-to-use compass positioning system makes for simple fine-tuning of the speaker for the best possible sound.



Every detail thought through

Thick edges around the PHANTOM E-50 baffle offers tight and secure mounting and improves the overall strength and rigidity of the speaker, while the dogleg mounting system makes installation a simple one-step action. At the front, the stylish and discreet grille design helps the PHANTOM E-50 integrate perfectly into any room.


Protecting against overheating with PPTC

The PHANTOM E-50 crossover includes a PPTC (Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient device) safety function. Also called a resettable fuse, the PPTC safeguards the driver components from overheating if played at very loud volumes over a long period. The speaker terminals are also located on the crossover for the shortest possible signal path, while spring-loaded grips ensure a solid and long-lasting connection to the speaker cable.



Creating natural high frequencies

The 25 mm soft dome tweeter module in the PHANTOM E-50 is fixed over the woofer in a composite housing mounted on an aeroplane-wing profile wishbone bracket. As well as reducing the size of the speaker, the wing design and off-centre placement of the tweeter help eliminate sound colouration normally associated with coaxial drivers. The tweeter's positioning also helps the midrange and low frequencies blend gracefully with the high frequencies for a precise and natural overall performance, even at higher volumes.



Designed with our low loss principles in mind

To ensure the best balance between durability and great audio reproduction, the 5¼" woofer features a polypropylene cone that's tilted and angled to improve directionality and soundstaging. Every part of the woofer has been designed according to our low loss principles, so even smaller amplifiers can combine with the PHANTOM E-50 to deliver a high-quality audio experience.


Easy integration in any room

All DALI speakers are designed around the principle of wide dispersion, which optimises off-axis listening to give a larger sweet spot and a better audio experience throughout a room. This principle is the perfect solution for PHANTOM series speakers, which are mounted flush with the surface of a wall or ceiling. The PHANTOM E-50 also has two slide switches for fine-tuning off-axis performance.


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