TAGA TCW-880R SM (stereo/mono) in-celing speaker

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The TCW-880R SM (Stereo/Mono) utilizes a honeycomb structure of front panels to further stiffen speaker chassis and to disperse the reflected sound. The front panel is rubber coated for more luxurious look and feel and to provide even better effect on sound performance

Super low-profile bezel, magnetically mounted grill allows the speaker to almost disappear in the room.

Stereo/Mono: a single TCW-880R SM speaker utilizes 2 high-frequency drivers to ensure high quality, dual-channel (stereo) sound from a single speaker. It provides much wider dispersion than traditional speakers as well as eliminates sound imbalances which can be heard once listeners move around the area. A single TCW-880R SM can operate in the stereo or mono mode.


TSLB magnetically mounted grill
TEI mounting bracket
TIMPC enclosure
TEC binding posts

Aukštų dažnių garsiakalbis:

2 x 19 mm (0.75”) TPTTD dome
+/-3dB Treble switch

Vidutinių-žemų dažnių garsiakalbis: 203 mm (8”) Kevlar®
Maksimali galia: 160W
Dažnių juosta: 35Hz - 20kHz
Varža: 8ohm
Matmenys: 27.7 x 10.5 cm
Minimalus montavimo gylis: 105 mm
Cutout Dimensions (D or H x W): 255 mm
Weight: 2.3 kg pc.
(black rubber-coated front)