Melodika Purple Rain 3,5mm mini jack prailginimas

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Aukštos kokybės 3,5m Mini Jack prailginimo kabelis.

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Melodika MDPMJ is the latest extension cord of the Polish manufacturer of Melodika cables and loudspeakers. It is dedicated to good quality home and studio headphones. Thanks to the extremely thick PE insulation and resistance to mechanical abrasion and impact, MDPMJ cable is perfect in challenging environment.

Stereo jack 3,5mm plug-socket extension cord is made of high quality 22 AWG conductor.  Plugs and sockets in a solid housing. The manufacturer ensures that the cable won't cause any audible loss of sound quality when used with most of premium headphones available on the market.

 Key features:

solidly and precisely made
high quality components
excellent conductivity OFC 99.99%
high mechanical energy absorption
good abrasion resistance 
tin used in soldering is enriched with silver,which ensures accurate signal conduction
high quality shielding with coverage density over 99% guarantees excellent protection against electromagnetic interference
cable resistant to: UV, sea water, ozone, alcohol
Excellent impact resistance, both at room and low temperature


Conductor material: OFC: 99.99%
Shielding: Coverage density 99%
Plugs: Solid gold-plated plugs
Shape: Round
Directionality: No
Cable thickness: 6mm
Construction: Twisted
Insulation: PE, PVC coating
Manufacturer's recommendation: Wire resistances: UV, salt water, ozone, alcohol, excellent durability in room temperature or lower, high mechanical energy absorption, good abrasion resistance.
OTHER: Conductor cross-section 0.35mm2, (20x0.15)
:: Solidly and precisely made
Warranty: 5 years