PYLON Audio Jasper 25 mkII (ex-demo)

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Išskirtinės, aukštos klasės PYLON Audio Jasper 25 mkII grindinės garso kolonėlės su Scan Speak garsiakalbiais. 

Kolonėlės pasižymi šiltu ir itin turtingu garsu su plačia ir gilia scena bei sodriu žemu dažniu. 

Nurodyta juodos/baltos matinės spalvos poros kaina.

Juodo/balto lako spalvos kaina: 6200€

Bet kokios RAL paletės spalvos kaina: +10%

Parduodama ekspozicinė pora.

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Turime parduotuvė Kauno g. 31, Vilnius

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Jasper 25 - tightly combines the technical mastery of the band ranges reproduced by excellent Danish Scan Speak drivers, which are characterized by coherence, ensuring effective and most importantly friendly transmission during long listening sessions.

The speakers used in the design have been carefully selected, not only in terms of technical parameters but also in a series of subjective tests.
The midrange and bass of the band are reproduced by a pair of 18cm midwoofers from the Revelator series, giving to the sound the right scale, high culture and plasticity.

The tweeter has one of the lightest domes in its category - its vibrating system weighing only 0.18g reproduces easily the smallest nuances of musical structures with the necessary claw, if the realization allows it.

In the Jasper 25 speaker set, we have moved away from rectangular forms - bent surfaces reduce the formation of standing waves inside the enclosure. The profiled front wall of the enclosure is designed not only to increase the aesthetic experience and visual lightness of the structure, but also to align the acoustic centres in the most sensitive mid-high section. This helps to achieve consistency so important for realism known from listening to live music and facilitates the location of instruments on stage.

Jasper 25 is the quintessence of musicality, space and depth, with an unprecedented reproduction of micro- and macro-details of the recording, in an elegant and modern form.

The columns are dedicated to rooms of size from 20 to 50 m2.


Galia, W
Dažnių juosta, Hz
30 - 20'000 Hz
Jautrumas, dB
Varža, ohm
Svoris, kg
Dydis (A/P/G), cm
106,6 / 20 / 41,3