Ricable Magnus RCA interconnect cable

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40 pF/m


68 Ω/km

External diameter

Ø 8.90 mm

Conductor Section

2 x 0.35 mm²

Structure Conductors

Twisted Pair

Strand diameter

0.08 mm

Material Conductors

MARC Pure Copper 7N 99.99999%.



Dielectric Insulator


Internal shielding

Mylar and Aluminium

External shielding

OFC Copper Spiral

External Protection

High density sheathing with Polyethylene/Nylon overbraid

Connector material

Alloy Copper Tellurium


Hand-welded with special Eutectic Alloy Sn/Ag/Cu

Features Connectors

8-element ground ring, 24 K Gold-Plated Copper/Tellurium Alloy Body, Teflon Dielectric, Anti-Disturbance Alloy, Expansion Centre Pole, Magnetically Shielded, Anti-Disturbance Alloy Shell

  • DESIGN: Magnus Signal is the first step towards perfect signal transmission. The technological solutions derived from the Dedalus series guarantee exclusive and durable support for your equipment.
  • MARC CONDUCTOR 70% compared to OFC: 0.35 mm2 conductors made of copper 7N MARC (Multicore Annealed Ricable Conductor) with 0.08 mm strands with a smoother and more compact surface allow 70% better audio transmission than OFC copper.
  • COPPER/TELLURIUM CONNECTORS 20% COMPARED TO BRASS: Copper-Tellurium alloy RCA connectors with hot expansion pole and ground ring clamping system. With these connectors there is an improvement in electrical parameters of over 20% compared to common brass connectors. 24K gold plated with electrolysis technique.
  • SAFETY FROM INTERFERENCE: The semi-balanced geometry of this cable, supported by double shielding with OFC copper pigtail and Aluminium/Mylar foil, covers all audio frequencies from EMI/RFI interference. The construction with insulation and stranded conductor with crank-rod detorsion eliminates any stress on the conductors.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Thanks to the exceptional raw materials used, Magnus Signal has above-average flexibility and allows you to use it comfortably even in awkward situations