Gold Note Vasari Gold MM patefono galvutė

420,00 €
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MM tipo patefono galvutė.

Rekomenduojame su Gold Note Valore 425 Lite / Plus plokštelių grotuvais.

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Vasari combines style and technology: the innovative and beautiful design of this cartridge, realised with the help of computer modelling, has been created to achieve the peak performance an MM can deliver. Its high dampening structure, made of quality materials, and its ultra-rigid Aluminium cantilever make Vasari a superb tracker to let the custom diamond tip, exclusively developed on our specifics, extract all the information from the vinyl groove.


To deliver even the finest details, the cantilever has been securely and directly inserted into the metal body.

The result is enhanced rigidity of the cartridge and better tracking performances, achieving wider and smoother bandwidth response.

Vasari completes our range of cartridges: it is without any doubt the best MM model we have ever made.


Typology: MM Phono Cartridge
Output level: 4.0mV
Frequency response: 15-25000Hz
Impedance: 1000Ω
Suggested load: 47KΩ
Inductance: 500mH
Compliance: 10×10-6cm/dyne
Channel separation: > 22dB
Channel balance: < 2dB
Suggested tracking weight: 2.0g
Cantilever: Aluminum
Diamond: Elliptical
Diamond size: 7.5*15.5μm
Weight: 9g
Coil Wire: Copper
Magnet: Alnico
Mounting hole diamond distance: 9mm

“The Vasari is an excellent tracker, zipping through the peaks of Stanley Turrentine’s Sugar, keeping the sax, drum and bass bits all in perspective, allowing each instrument to shine individually, yet not letting the stereo image fall apart when all four musicians are playing at full tilt. Not every MM cartridge can handle this”
— Jeff Dorgay