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Ekranuotas aukštos kokybės maitinimo kabelis. Apsaugo garso sistemas nuo elektromagnetinių triukšmų.

Puikus sprendimas ne tik garso sistemų pajungimui, tačiau ir kitai jautriai technikai (medicininiams ir kitiems tiksliems elektroniniams įrenginiams).

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Melodika, one of the biggest Polish manufacturers of hi-fi cables expanded its Purple Rain offer with new power cables with grounding, terminated with Schuko plug and IEC C13 socket.

Distinguishing feature of new Melodika product is shielding - power cables from other manufacturers are rarely shielded and this shielding in greatest extent is responsible for minimazing the impact of electromagnetic interference on other audio or video cables.

Therefore, Melodika MDP cable is ideal not only for hi-fi purposes but also for medical, measurement, laboratory equipment and other devices sensitive to the effects of electromagnetic fields. 

Cable 3x2,5mm2 - 50 x 0,24mm
OFC braid with 80% coverage
High-quality power cable for Hi-Fi and Hi-end audio system
Terminated with schuko plug and IEC C13 socket (typical socket used in most amplifiers)
Geometry: conductors twisted with each other
Dielectic: triple insulation, perfect cable for concealed wiring (unique external shielding made from modified PCV with higher resistance, thanks to that cable can be laid under plaster or concrete without any concern of damaging it).
Wires resistance: (DC in 20°C): 4,37 Ohm/100m or less
Isolation resistance: >=1 G Ohm/km
Voltage test 1kV

High quality OFC cable. Shielded braid with a density of 80% protects against interference in audio Hi-Fi, High-End systems.


Gauge: 3x2.5mm2
Conductor material: OFC: 99.99%
Shielding: YES
Type: IEC
Cable thickness: 12mm
Insulation: Triple PVC
Typ of cable: Power cable
Grounding: YES, made of OFC with 80% coverage
OTHERS: Dense OFC shielding with 80% coverage

Voltage test 1kV


CE marking