Melodika MDRSUB kabelis REL žemų dažnių kolonėlėms

162,00 €
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Aukštos kokybės kabelis REL ar kitoms žemų dažnių kolonėlėms, turinčioms Speakon tipo jungtį.

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  • Low frequency section: 2x4mm2 (170x0,15mm and 1x1,10mm)
  • Swedish Neutrik SpeakerOn connectors are characterized by reliability, tonal neutrality and perfect mechanical fit for REL Acoustics subwoofer input
  • High quality spades for direct manual connection to the amplifier
  • Geometry: conductors twisted with each other in order to reduce their interference
  • Dielectric: Perfect cable for concealed wiring (unique external shielding made from modified PVC with higher resistance, which makes possible to lay the cable under plaster or concrete without any concern of damaging it)
  • Wires resistance: (DC in 20°C): 4,37 Ohm/1000m or less
  • Isolation resistance: >=1 G Ohm/km
  • Voltage test 1kV