Kinera Hodur 3 garsiakalbių ausinės

299,00 €
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  • Kinera didelio jautrumo Electrostatinis garsiakalbis + Kinera K10012 balansinis armatūrinis garsiakalbis + 10mm Coaxial dviejų magnetų Tesla kompozito diafragmos dinaminis garsiakalbis
  • Varža: 8 ohm
  • Jautrumas: 106+/- 1 dB
  • Dažnių atkūrimas: 5Hz-40kHz
  • Mudulinis 4 gyslų OCC sidabruotas kabelis
  • Kištukai: 3.5mm , 4.4mm
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Explore The Sound In Dark


Darkness exists in the corners of the world and is an indispensable element of the world. Under the ubiquitous light, darkness is also surging.

Thanks to Hodur special acoustic structure, the performance of all drivers have been well exerted, and the sound has been better restored. All frequency is closely integrated, rich in layers, presenting sound details. With the idea of “perceiving the darkness”, the tuning engineer brings a relaxed atmosphere and a full sound stage to the listeners, wandering in the ocean of music and feeling the surging of the undercurrent.

Enjoy music without limits

In addition to the powerful high-frequency performance of the previous “electrostatic unit”, it also means that it needs to be equipped with a playback device with sufficient thrust. Kinera self-developed high sensitivity, low power EST and 10mm coaxial dual-magnetic Tesla composite diaphragm dynamic integrated unit breaks the “tradition”. Low power consumption makes electrostatic no longer request a high-thrust front-end device .
Hodur impedance is only 8Ω, but 106db, which makes the mobile phone “sound nice” with decoder.

CNC 5-axis Carved Aviation Aluminum Alloy Shell


Kinera selects aviation aluminum alloy as Hodur shell , which is light-weight and Corrosion-resistant .With CNC 5-axis fine carving technology, the air relief hole, nozzle and 2pin female socket position are precise.

 It meets the higher requirements of consistency standards, which effectively reduces the vibration of the shell, so that the acoustic performance can be fully exerted. In addition, it is coloured by the aluminum alloy anodising process, which makes Hodur durable and wear-resistant.

Give The Dark Emotional Colour


Due to the stark contrast between the world’s preference for Baldr and Hodur, the darkness became more contemptuous and alienated. Finally condensed into a powerful kinetic energy that devoured the light, pushing Hodur to murder his brother.

Therefore, designer outlines the appearance of the light with broken diamonds, explaining to the viewer the reasons for Hodur darkness. At the same time, it also sets off the darkness more thoroughly.

Modular 8 Cores OCC With Silver Plated Cable


OCC with silver-plated wire has high sound signal transmission efficiency and stable impedance. OCC doesn’t overemphasize the atmosphere, and due to the complex structure of silver plating and wires, the details of the sound signals in each frequency band are fully preserved.The outer cover of the wire is made of high-permeability and soft PVC, which not only protects the cable better, but also reduces the stethoscope effect.

Frequency Graph


  • Final Type E Eartips : Enhance bass, weaken dental sound
  • K-07 Balanced Eartips ( Red, Green, Yellow Colour ) : Balanced sound, nice imaging
  • K-285-02 Vocal Eartips ( Skin Colour ) : Release treble,  more pleasing vocals

Weight Of Earbuds

  • The weight of earbud is only 5± g,  comfortable for wearing for a long time.

Nozzle size

  • Nozzle size is 5mm, select different eartips to hear more possible sound.

Package Contents

  • One pair of Kinera Hodur In-ear monitors.
  • One Modular 4 Cores OCC with Silver Plated Cable.
  • Modular Adapter 4.4mm & 3.5mm.
  • Five pairs of Final Type E tips.
  • Seven pairs ( K-07 & K-285-02 ) of Kinera Custom ear tips.
  • Storage Case.
  • Clean Brush.
  • User Manual