Acoustic Energy AE509

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Aukščiausios klasės, Acoustic Energy AE509 grindinės garso kolonėlės su karboniniais garsiakalbiais. Itin greitas, subalansuotas ir dinamiškas garsas.

Puikiai tinka nedidelio - vidutinio dydžio patalpoms, nėra reiklios pastatymui.

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Turime parduotuvė Kauno g. 31, Vilnius

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Grindinės garso kolonėlės su anglies pluošto aukštų bei vidutinių/žemų dažnių garsiakalbiais

The AE509 is a new slim-line floor-standing loudspeaker with compact dimensions, suitable for medium to large sized rooms. Similar to the AE500 comparison, the AE509 offers higher levels of performance and finish than its 300 Series equivalent. The 500 Series features our newly developed carbon fibre tweeters and mid/bass drivers, designed to match the pistonic power and accuracy of our legendary ceramic aluminium drivers but with improved self-damping for a smoother, more transparent sound.


Our 500 Series tweeter features a brand new 25mm carbon fibre dome. Carbon fibre is much lighter and better damped than other typical hard dome materials and provides a lightning fast, natural sound which will surprise the listener with its neutrality. The new cast aluminium WDT waveguide on the high frequency driver is positioned close to the mid/bass driver for optimum dispersion and is extremely stiff to reduce vibration being passed to the tweeter, ensuring sweet, clear and natural highs


The 125mm mid/bass driver includes a new oversized 35mm voice coils for low thermal compression and very high motor force factor, to provide a highly dynamic yet controlled bass response. The woofer has an optimised motor and suspension system for maximum linearity and lowest distortion ensuring mid-range definition, whilst the lightweight nature of the carbon fibre cone material increases transient speed and clarity


The crossovers use high voltage polypropylene film wound capacitors and air core inductors at critical locations for optimum dispersion through a smaller acoustic source size within the crossover region


These unique drivers are housed in our new 18mm Resonance Suppression Composite (RSC) cabinets, evolved from the prestigious Reference Series and featuring the same constrained layer composite to greatly reduce cabinet acoustic radiation, which would otherwise colour the sound

acoustic energy ae509


Galia, W
Dažnių juosta, Hz
32Hz – 28kHz (+/- 6dB)
Jautrumas, dB
Varža, ohm
Svoris, kg
22kg / vnt
Dydis (A/P/G), cm
100 x 18,5 x 27 (be spyglių)