Focal FPX 5.1200

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5-channel FPX 5.1200 amplifier has a maximum power of 4 x 120 Watt + 1 x 720 Watt at 2 Ohms!

The input selector (2/4/6 channels) duplicates channels, meaning there will always be 5 output channels, even if the head unit only has one or two stereo outputs.

To perfectly tune the subwoofer to the rest of the installation, the bass channel has a low-pass active crossover, a bass equaliser, phase adjustment and a subsonic filter (particularly useful for cutting off frequencies which are too low for a small subwoofer). The remote control enables you to adjust the bass level from the driving seat depending on the type of music you’re listening to.

Stable at 4 and 2 Ohms, this new FPX amplifier will drive most speaker drivers on the market with just the right amount of power: 4 x 75 Watts + 1 x 420 Watts RMS at 4 Ohms (CEA standard). With its power and contained volume, FPX 5.1200 makes the installation easier in order to make the most of your boot space.

  • Class D amplifier - 5/4/3 channels
  • CEA power (4 ohms): 4x 75 W rms + 1x 420 W rms
  • Power max (2 ohms): 4x 120 W rms + 1x 720 W rms
  • Power max (channels 1 to 4 bridged at 4 ohms) + channel 5 at 2 ohms: 2x 240 W rms + 720 W rms
  • Bandwidth: 10Hz - 20kHz
  • Total harmonic distortion: < 0.03%
  • SNR (1W/A): > 75 dB
  • High-Pass / Low-Pass filters channels 1 to 4: 50Hz – 500Hz
  • Channel 5 (Subwoofer): Subsonic filter


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