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BLAM Audio BT30 nešiojama Bluetooth kolonėlė

BLAM Audio BT30 nešiojama Bluetooth kolonėlė

149,00 €
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Stereo belaidė Bluetooth kolonėlė.

  • Aukštos kokybės Prancūziškas garsas
  • Iki 12val baterijos tarnavimo laikas
  • Galimybė pajungti dvi kolonėles į stereo porą
  • Galima pakrauti telefoną
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BLAM BT30 is a wireless stereo speaker designed to reproduce the notorious “French Sound”.

The “French Sound” enhances not only the melody and the basses but also the vocal melodies and the emotions in the voices, which suits perfectly a large variety of musical styles.

The BT30 speaker guarantees up to 12 hours autonomy, moreover, it will turn off automatically after 40 minutes of inactivity in order to conserve power.
With its USB cable, you can also use it as a power bank to power your phone. Among its features, you will find the TWS function, which allows you to connect two speakers in stereo.
Furthermore, with its integrated microphone you can take advantage of all the hands-free telephone function.

BLAM BT30 is also compatible with Siri and S-voice and, with the speaker, we provide you a USB cable to recharge it as well as a 3.5 audio jack cable to connect auxiliary sources.


Full power: 30W
“French Sound” stereo sound
Passive subwoofers for deep basses
Handle NFC (quick-connect)
TWS function to use two speakers in stereo
Hand-free telephone function with the built-in microphone
Compatible with Siri & S-Voice
AUX port to connect devices with the supplied cable
Power bank function: charge phones
Up to 12 hours of autonomy


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