Cavus DH 350 Stand

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Grindinis stovas Denon Home 350 kolonėlei.

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Experience the freedom and all the benefits of a Denon speaker on a stand. This stand has been specially developed for the Denon Home 350 speaker. The design of this floor stand is completely tailored to the design, functionality and performance of this compact speaker.

On a Cavus speaker stand, your Denon speaker can perform really well. If you place a speaker on a piece of furniture, the vibrations from this speaker can change the pure sound image. Our speaker stands absorb these vibrations so that your Denon speaker will reproduce the most pure sound.

In addition to a great sound experience and a beautiful appearance, a speaker in a standard place offers many more advantages. You can place a speaker stand anywhere, without having to drill holes in the wall. A great alternative if you do not have a suitable wall on which you can hang a bracket or if you sometimes want to change the interior. Then you don't have to fill and paint boreholes. You don't have to worry about getting rid of all the cables either. You can hide it neatly out of sight in the hollow column of this tripod. That saves another cable duct. This ensures a neat arrangement in your interior.

  • Designed for the Denon Home 350
  • Design base 195 x 360 mm in the shape of the speaker
  • Height to bottom speaker 790 mm
  • Aluminium column with cable management
  • Adjustable feet
  • Ready for assembly, all essentials are included

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