Cavus DH 150 wallmount

39,00 €
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Sieninis laikiklis DENON Home 150 kolonėlei.

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With more than a hundred years of experience in the audio world, Denon has become a household name. The voice-controlled Denon Home speakers are a clear example of how this experience is expressed. The sound is fantastic and the performance is impressive.

As an audio enthusiast, you know better than anyone that a good audio setup is crucial. At Cavus we understand that and have developed swivel and tilt wall brackets that fit perfectly with the Denon speakers. Our suspension brackets are fully tailored to the design, functionality and performance of your Denon speaker, so you can create the perfect setup.

  • Designed for the Denon Home 150
  • Rotation angle: 30° left / 30° right
  • Tipping point: 0° - 20°
  • Suitable for upside-down mounting
  • Suitable for corner mounting
  • 34 mm fixed adapter for close wall mounting
  • Ready for assembly, all essentials are included
  • Easy to install thanks to an integrated spirit level

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