Cavus DH 150 Ceiling mount

119,00 €
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As a lover of good audio, you know that a good sound setup is essential. At Cavus we understand this and that's why we designed a ceiling bracket that is suitable for the Denon Home 150 speaker. Hanging your Denon Home 150 from the ceiling offers many advantages and ensures that the speaker performs optimally.

Our ceiling bracket is specifically designed for the functionality, performance and design of your Denon speaker. This allows you to enjoy the full dynamic sound that the speaker produces. The safe and functional suspension system is swivel and tilt, so you can create the ideal listening position. In addition, our bracket is equipped with cable management in the hollow column and you retain access to the control of the speaker.

Hanging your Denon Home 150 from the ceiling also offers space savings and safety. You can hang the speaker out of the reach of children or pets. The installation works just like hanging a lamp by mounting it over a ceiling central box.

  • Designed for Denon Home 150
  • Rotatable 30° left / 30° right
  • Tiltable 0° to 20°
  • Cable management in the hollow column (caution not suitable for right-angle plug)
  • Suitable for upside-down mounting
  • Retains access to the (voice) control
  • Fits over a ceiling central box
  • Including mounting material

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