Ricable Magnus MKII kolonėlių kabelis su antgaliais

Ricable Magnus MKII kolonėlių kabelis su antgaliais

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Aukštos kokybės, ekranuotas kolonėlių kabelis vidutinio-aukšto lygio garso sistemoms.

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Techninės specifikacijos


60 pF/m


3.7 Ω/km

RMS watts supported

450 W RMS Max

External diameter

Ø 14 mm

Conductor Section

4.3 mm²

Structure Conductors

560 wires per conductor

Strand diameter

0.10 mm

Material Conductors

MARC Pure Copper 7N 99.99999%.


Twisted conductors

Dielectric Insulator


External shielding

Mylar + Aluminium

External Protection

High density sheathing with Polyethylene/Nylon overbraid

Connector material

Alloy Copper Tellurium


24 K Gold Plated

Features Connectors

Professional BFA Banana, 24 K Gold Plated Copper/Tellurium Alloy Body, Gold Plated with specific Gold/Copper electrolysis technique, Electromagnetic Shell

Special features

RNR - Germanium Noise Reduction System

  • PROJECT: The cable Magnus Speaker MKII allows you to transmit the amplified signal to your speakers in a much better way than normal speaker cables and consequently to enjoy the full potential that your system can give you. Magnus Speaker represents the first step towards perfect signal transmission. Its technological solutions derive from the Dedalus series and guarantee an exclusive and durable support for your equipment.
  • MARC CONDUCTOR +70%: Thanks to 4.3 mm2 Copper 7N MARC (Multicore Annealed Ricable Conductor) conductors with 0.1 mm strands with a smoother and more compact surface, signal transmission Speaker is 70% better than with Copper OFC and this results in superior transparency, a more balanced and characterful soundstage and precise control.
  • RNR TECHNOLOGY (RICABLE NOISE REDUCTION): Developed on the top series, the Germanium semiconductor that overlaps the conductors as a whole makes it possible to reduce background noise and hiss generated by the audio media. With this system, the sound is more detailed and brighter, while maintaining a natural and balanced timbre.
  • NEW CONCEPTION: Magnus Speaker MKII is made with geometry that derives from the superior series and takes up its philosophy of audio signal transmission, to guarantee performance that is decidedly superior to standard cables.
  • COPPER/TELLURIUM CONNECTORS 25% compared to BRASS: BFA Banana connectors made of Copper-Tellurium Monoblock which improves the electrical characteristics by more than 25% compared to Brass bananas. 24K Gold plated with specific electrolysis technique.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: The quality of the raw materials used, despite the generous size of the cable, allow for enviable flexibility that ensures easy installation in any installation.


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